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If you think history conveys only the truth about the subjects mentioned herein, think again! At last, discover who the following characters truly are? Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Mona Lisa.  

Over the past 500 years, each individual mentioned above has been the subject of countless biographies, books, documentaries, movies and studies of all sorts, for all intent and purpose, it would be merely impossible to find anything else to say about them. So I thought ten years ago. Whereas today, I'm certain our knowledge of them is at best partly true, if not completely false. Why should we take for granted any bogus statement printed on our history books? In this predicament, I was compelled to review the biographies of our famous subjects and sieve through the facts, looking for the most probable occurrences. Could I ever imagine the truth was staring at me in the face? After a painstaking - exhaustive ten years research, I've succeeded in connecting the dots of their lives, and most importantly, I've discovered their codes and secrets, so many authors have bragged about finding, but failed to reveal.

Get your printed copy of MONA LISA'S MAD LOVE AFFAIR  without any further delay and, enjoy a one of a kind journey, beyond your wildest imagination.


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